Michael J. Fox: Actor, Author, Advocate

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Did you catch Michael J. Fox: Adventures of an Incurable Optimist last night on ABC? I did and I found it to be incredibly inspiring. He narrated the special, sharing his own thoughts on optimism while talking to a variety of people about how they maintain theirs. Lance Armstrong talked about his cancer scare, Bonnie Hunt shared her thoughts on being a Chicago Cubs fan, Ben Harper spoke about the power of music, and Bill Murray showed Michael how to find happiness on a golf course.

Fox spoke with ordinary folks, too: dairy farmers in the Hudson Valley, film students in New Delhi, government officials in Bhutan, Obama inauguration attendees in DC, the guy who passes out free newspapers outside a New York subway station. My favorite moments were when Fox chatted with his wife, Tracy Pollan, who provides a realistic yin to Fox’s optimistic yang. Michael J. Fox continues to inspire as an actor, an author, and now an advocate for Parkinson’s research. Voice your choice in today’s poll about which of these rolls is his greatest thus far.

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