Prison Break Finale

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The cast of Prison Break

The cast of Prison Break

Prison Break’s final episode will air this evening on FOX. The show is not being renewed for next season and I feel partially responsible. I am one of the millions of fans who embraced the show wholeheartedly in its first season and then slowly began to lose interest as the years went on. Back when Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) got himself thrown in prison to help his wrongly accused brother Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) break free, I was totally hooked. It was the kind of show that couldn’t wait for water cooler discussion the next day… I would call my friends during commercial breaks for on-going mini-recaps. Prison Break even won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite New TV Drama for the 2005/2006 season.
The show’s plotlines were unnecessarily complicated, often far-fetched, and always riveting. Viewers would struggle to separate the good guys from the bad guys, lovable characters would get whacked without warning, and T-Bag (Robert Knepper) would became my favorite TV villain ever. Oh, Prison Break, we hardly knew ye.
Did you abandon the show as I did, stick with it for four seasons, or never watch the it in the first place? Please post your comments below. And if you were a fan, which character will you miss the most? Voice your choice in today’s poll.

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