The Return of Winnie the Pooh

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Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh

Disney announced the production of a new hand-drawn animated Winnie the Pooh movie to be released in spring 2011. I know they’re making it for the kiddies, but I still couldn’t be more excited. I had a Winnie the Pooh-themed birthday party when I turned 5, complete with a party kit that my mom bought at Sears. My two older sisters stayed home from school that day to help with the celebration; it’s still one of my favorite childhood memories.

I went to the multiplex with my friend Kelly to see The Tigger Movie in 2000 and Piglet’s Big Movie in 2003. We couldn’t wait for the DVD release, so we joined all the moms and toddlers at the cinema to revel in the Disney magic. All my favorites were there: Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore, Rabbit, Owl, Kanga and Roo. I can’t wait to see them all again in this new movie. Sure, I have to wait a couple of years, but it will be worth it.

Who’s your favorite resident of the hundred-acre-wood? Voice your choice in today’s featured pool. I’m off to listen to Loggins & Messina sing about the “House at Pooh Corner.” If you’re too young to know the song, get thee to iTunes and download it immediately. You won’t be disappointed.

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