The Proposal, Whatever Works, or Year One?

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Michael Cera and Jack Black in the upcoming movie, Year One

Michael Cera and Jack Black in the upcoming movie, Year One

I know it’s only Wednesday and I should be working instead of thinking about the films that are coming out on Friday, but I just can’t help it. It’s been a strange summer, movie-wise, and I’m in the mood for a good old fashioned comedy. The three major releases hitting the multiplex in a couple of days have the potential to be just what the doctor ordered.

I caught the trailer for The Proposal when I saw The Hangover last week and I must admit that it looks really charming. I fell in love with Sandra Bullock when I first saw her on the big screen in The Vanishing sixteen years ago, and I’m thrilled to see her looking as sexy and funny as ever. And Ryan Reynolds won me over in Definitely, Maybe, so I’m totally on board for checking out their chemistry in this new rom-com.

Whatever Works is the latest from writer/director Woody Allen and stars Larry David as an old nebbishy white guy. He doesn’t seem to be channeling Woody as Kenneth Branagh did in Celebrity, but let’s not kid ourselves; Larry’s Curb Your Enthusiasm persona is the closest thing we have to Woody Allen’s trademark neuroses on the small screen. This combo could be fun!

Year One is the silly stone age comedy that stars Jack Black and Michael Cera as a couple of cavemen who get booted from their village and set out on an major road trip. Just seeing them with their goofy hair and fur pelt outfits makes me chuckle. Year One has the potential to be one of those flicks that’s so bad it’s good. I sure hope so.

Which of these movies are you most likely to see this weekend? Voice your choice in today’s featured poll. And then get back to work.

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