Wired.com’s Favorite Astronaut Songs

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Here’s how the intro reads on their website: “In honor of space shuttle Endeavour’s returning seven astronauts (and some advanced space undies) to Earth, Wired.com drafted up a list of the 10 coolest tracks about astronauts…” They made their choices, now you make yours. Which of these songs — Wired.com’s top 3 choices — is your favorite?

“Space Oddity” by David Bowie

“Rocket Man” by Elton John

“Planet of Sound” by The Pixies

Voice your choice in today’s featured poll, and check out the complete list at www.wired.com/underwire/2009/08/blast-off-with-10-space-rocking-astronaut-songs/

If you prefer cover versions to the originals, pour yourself  a glass of Tang and check out Natalie Merchant’s take on Space Oddity and Kate Bush’s version of Rocket Man.  Good stuff.

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