MTV Video Music Awards

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Britney Spears "Womanizer" video

Britney Spears "Womanizer" video

MTV announced the nomineees for their annual Video Music Awards which will air on September 13th with host Russell Brand.

The nominees for Video of the Year are as follows:
“Love Lockdown” by Kanye West
“Poker Face” by Lady Gaga
“Single Ladies” by Beyonce
“We Made You” by Eminem
“Womanizer” by Britney Spears

I dig Kanye and Eminem is much as the next guy, but I don’t think either one of them stands a chance against these ladies.

The “Single Ladies” video proved that Beyonce is the most talented human being on the planet; it was so ubiquitous that it inspired countless parodies on YouTube.  “Womanizer” marked a triumphant comeback for Britney as she struggled to maintain pop culture relevance. And let’s face it:  It’s Lady Gaga’s world and we just live in it. Her dominance of the airwaves in 2009 makes it hard to remember what the world was like before she burst onto the scene.

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