Bandslam, District 9 or The Time Traveler’s Wife?

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There’s something for everyone at the cineplex this weekend, as the movie studios have cleverly timed their releases so that men, women and teens can all claim a film for their own.

First up is Bandslam, starring Disney Channel alums Vanessa Hudgens and Aly Michalka along with newcomer Gaelan Connell. It’s your basic new kid-in-town battle-of-the-bands story, but it’s sure to please the kids and teens and more than a few adults. Todd Graff, the writer/director, also wrote and directed one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies, Camp, so I just might be one of the adults in line with the tweens this weekend.

Next is District 9, which Entertainment Weekly has already proclaimed as “summer’s most thrilling adventure.” The aliens-in-Johannesburg flick was written and directed by Neill Blomkamp and stars his pal, Sharlto Copley. Heard of them? Neither have I. They’re smartly touting Peter Jackson as the producer to give it some cred, but the movie sure looks cool in its own right. I’m anxious to see how it does at the box office.

Finally, there’s The Time Traveler’s Wife, based on Audrey Niffenegger’s best selling book and starring Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana. Virtually every woman I know claims that they’ve cried at the trailer, so this has the potential to be The Notebook of 2009 (also starring McAdams.)

Which movie are you most looking forward to seeing this weekend? Voice your choice in today’s featured poll. And if you’re going to The Time Traveler’s Wife, be sure to bring the Kleenex.

Vanessa Hudgens in Bandslam

Vanessa Hudgens in Bandslam

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