Pick a Pair For Dinner

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Today I’d like to see who you’d most like to dine with…you get one meal with a celebrity pair and that’s all, except you can ask them anything you want…

So yesterday we talked about who earns what, and of course it’s probably impolite to discuss things like money or religion at the dinner table — no matter how very outrageous some of Hollywood’s biggest stars’ paychecks might be. Which got me wondering — what with a couple of big movies opening tomorrow, one of which is headlined by a MAJOR BREADWINNER — just what would you talk about at the dinner table with some of these folks, if given the chance.

So it dawned on me…Brad Pitt is making a whole lot of noise to promote his new film Inglourious Basterds (directed by Quentin Tarantino) and regardless of the current status their relationship, Angelina is dutifully standing by her man on behalf of the film. So they’re on the go. Then of course we have Jon and Kate Gosselin and who knows what’s happening there but they have to show up some places together (to secure those $1.5 million dollar paychecks). Which brings me to another celeb couple (Jessica Szohr & Ed Westwick) with a lot of heat riding on their show (Gossip Girl) and how it’s in their best interest to show up together, everywhere. With this in mind, which celebrity couple would you most like to have dinner with?

1) Brad and Angelina

2) Jon and Kate

3) Jessica & Ed

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