Best TV Shows: 80’s version

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Time to take a stroll down memory lane. 80’s version. For those of you who can actually remember back to an era of shoulder pads, shoe-boots, suspenders, Lip Smackers, stirrup pants, being a Pepper, Just Saying No and Material Girls. So I was checking out a few entertainment headlines for fun and something “80’s” caught my eye. Of course it was shiny. Now, honestly, I’m just as interested in who’s-dating-who, who’s-dumped-who, who-signed-on-to-a-reality-show-just-for-the-money as the next girl. But then I saw, on AOL, one of my faves: A COUNTDOWN. Who doesn’t love a good-old-fashioned-subjective Best Of? I do. So I read on…and the topic was TV shows. Okay. And here’s what they said  -and so I thought I’d see if you agreed with what America Online had to say about the BEST TV SHOWS OF THE 80’S. And which shows made the top 4? According to this poll, it’s not Murphy Brown, it’s not Bosom Buddies, it’s not 21 Jump Street (no matter how much I wish it were), it’s not Remington Steele, nor Fame (although that’s coming back as a movie), nor even Dynasty (this seems just plain wrong). Even Cagney & Lacey didn’t even crack the top ten. But M* A* S* H, did (thank Heavens), as did St. Elsewhere. And as for the top 4? Here goes.  Now I present the findings to YOU. The question being,  do you agree? Would you award these small screen faves the 80’s top honors? Voice your choice in today’s featured poll

Which is the best TV show of the 80’s?

1) Thirtysomething

2) Moonlighting

3) Hill Street Blues

4) Cheers

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