Who Should Host The View?

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The View

The View

Shall we talk about Whitney Houston’s return on GMA? Nope. We all saw it. Seems like that gal’s had a rough enough time as it is fighting various issues, Bobby Brown, a reality show, and an all -but-vanished career. Let’s just wish her the best (because she really does have a great set of pipes) and move on to the Daytime Emmy’s. Which Fred Nelson — PCA’s president and resident pop culture guru — attended. More from him on those festivities later. But  today, let’s talk about one of the Daytime Emmy winners — The View.  So now that those ladies have a Daytime Emmy in their collective (Marc Jacobs/Gucci) purses, let’s examine what would happen if one of those prized ladies were to take a few days off — and how would you feel about it? Everyone’s got to take a vacation now and then, and with Labor Day approaching and then Back To School it seems people are planning to…and not just us regular folk — The Ladies of The View also have plans to take a break. With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at just a few of the other ladies who are scheduled to Guest Host for The View. Voice your choice in today’s poll and tell us which of these ladies you are most excited about stepping into  a guest spot on the view…

Who are you most excited about as a guest host?

1) Kate Gosselin

2) Meghan McCain

3) Latoya Jackson

4) Victoria Beckham

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