Labor Day movies- Beavis anyone?

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Happy Labor Day. The first movies of September are here, and we’re coming to the end of the line for big summer blockbusters because now’s the time when we traditionally head towards the slightly more dramatic (and maybe even Oscar-worthy) fall films. So this weekend is kind of the last gasp for action-y type movies, and two of them opening up that are likely to do well. One probably more than the other.(can you guess which?)  The first one is Gamer — starring Gerard Butler, Ludacris,  and Milo Ventimiglia and it’s all about a futuristic time when people’s lives are actually controlled by video games (isn’t that the case with lots of young people now anyway?). So that will do well. Then another pic in theaters is Carriers – with the newly minted movie star Chris Pine (Star Trek) and some of his attractive friends — all of whom are on a deadly cross-country race to escape a killer virus.

For the non-thriller set we have a new movie called All About Steve and here Sandra Bullock is convinced that her connection with a news cameraman (Bradley Cooper) is the real deal so she follows him all across the country like a cute maniac. And rounding out our big four movies  — and also the basis for today’s poll — is Extract, starring Jason Bateman,  Mila Kunis & Ben Affleck. Now this movie was written and directed by no stranger to comedy and social commentary, Mike Judge. Thus my question is this: Mike Judge has brought us many unforgettable characters, TV series and movies…if you had to choose from three of his biggest creations which would you choose? Voice your choice in today’s featured poll.  And have a great — and safe — Labor Day.

Mike Judge's "Extract"

Mike Judge's "Extract"

Mike Judge has a new movie out called Extract.  Which of his OTHER creations is your favorite?

1) Beavis & Butthead

2) Office Space (the movie)

3) King of the Hill (the TV show)

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