Ready for (some exciting) Fox news??

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Ellen DeGeneres at the 2009 People's Choice Awards

Ellen DeGeneres at the 2009 People's Choice Awards

Fox is having quite a year so far…with some pretty cool shows (both new and returning) and one heckuva big time announcement that’s got everyone buzzing. But first, let’s not overlook the name Nicole Richie and Joel Madden gave their brand new son (Sparrow) nor should we omit the fact that Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl and hubby Josh Kelley have just adopted their first child (name: Nayleigh) Congratulations to both  couples!

But back to Fox. Did you see Glee Did you like it? And how about the premiere of So You Think You Can Dance?  Definitely want your feedback on these two shows. And then of course we have the Fox Big Announcement (although by the time you read this it may not be quite so big) but still, I think it’s huge and like it or not, it has everyone in the entertainment biz talking. For better or for worse. (Don’t you wish some of them would just pipe down ?) So here goes — Paula Abdul’s stepped down from  American Idol…and Ellen DeGeneres is taking her place as the show’s  new permanent fourth judge. Plus she’s going to keep her day job,  too! So this means we have Simon, Randy, Kara and now the Lady E taking over Paula’s vacated seat. What say you to this? Voice your choice in today’s featured poll. Because today it’s all about  Ellen’s new job…will her addition make American Idol even better, even worse, or will it not really change anything at all?

What do you think about Ellen taking over as permanent judge on American Idol?

a) It’s awesome. She’ll raise the Idol bar.

b) She’s not the greatest choice. They could have done better.

c) Ehhh…I don’t think it’ll affect Idol either way.

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