2009 VMA’s: Should Kanye Be Unplugged?

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So I turn on my TV last night hoping to catch the new bigger, badder, juicier trailer for the film that will be the year’s guiltiest pleasure: New Moon. Instead, I was totally floored by a ridiculous outburst. Did you happen to catch the 2009 MTV VMA’s? See, given MTV’s ‘no-holds-barred, we’ll-shock-everyone’ approach, I was prepared to be surprised. For a minute. As in, the show’s biggest stunt/mishap/malfunction  (you’ll recall that debacle with Emimen and Bruno earlier this summer which was staged). But this show’s shocking is-it-real event really took the cake. To be honest, I don’t know too much about Taylor Swift’s music. She seems to be quite a poised and talented (if wide-eyed) young lady and I was not surprised (given the adoration she seems to get from every 14-year old girl in North America) when she got the nod for Best Female Video. But when Kanye West stomped all over Swift’s  win, I was the one who was wide-eyed. He jumped onstage and told everyone how amazing Beyonce’s video was. It was pretty stunning. And I think kind of icky. Nor was it planned. So I thought it pretty classy (and this MAY have been scripted — or at least advised by someone’s publicist or manager) when Beyonce later invited Taylor up to conclude her moment in the sun. Followed by a lot of hugging. So this is what happened and I want to know what you thought. The show seemed otherwise uneventful. Russell Brand wasn’t particularly outrageous — for Russell Brand.  There was a fantastic Michael Jackson piece. Gerry Butler introduced Muse which was hot on more than one level. Megan Fox strutted her stuff. J-Lo seemed bored. Green Day was great. But, if you saw the whole Kanye/Taylor/Beyonce debacle, what’s your opinion? Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us whether Kanye got it right, screwed up big time, or gave a boring show a much-needed jolt. Because I found him cheesy, his stunt nasty.

What did you think of Kanye’s stunt?

1) Cool! Kanye said what lots of people were already thinking.

2) Eww! Kanye ought to shut up and let someone else enjoy the spotlight.

3) Boring. The show was dull, with or without windbag Kanye and surly Beyonce.

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