Patrick Swayze 1952-2009

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Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze

We’ve lost another movie star in Patrick Swayze, the beloved actor whose style and magnetic athleticism charmed millions over a long and distinguished career. Swayze passed away this week at age 57, after a long and public struggle with pancreatic cancer. In addition to legions of fans the world over, he also remains truly beloved among many, many work colleagues (not necessarily the norm in Hollywood).He is also survived by his wife of nearly 40 years, Lisa Niemi. Listed as People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive in 1991, Swayze starred in both film and television, gaining initial notoriety in Francis Coppola’s classic ensemble piece The Outsiders. This of course led to more movies, among them Red Dawn, Road House, Next of Kin, Uncommon Valour and others. His huge star turn of course came with the film Dirty Dancing where he appeared opposite Jennifer Grey as a dance instructor at a 1960’s Catskill Resort. (Swayze also performed one of the film’s hit songs, She’s Like The Wind.) Swayze would also star alongside  Keanu Reeves as a notorious surfer in the action flick “Point Break,” in addition to playing the title character  in one of the most iconic films of the 90’s: Ghost, with Demi Moore. Immensely popular as a leading man, a superb dancer, a singer/songwriter and by all reports an all-around good guy, Patrick Swayze leaves behind quite a legacy indeed. He will be sorely missed. In today’s featured poll you’ll find three of his most famous movies — voice your choice and let us know which was your favorite.

1) Dirty Dancing

2) Ghost

3) Point Break

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