Did Kanye Save Leno?

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Everyone seems to be in agreement that Kanye West didn’t do himself any favors on Sunday night during the VMA’s by boldly (and I think rudely) interrupting Taylor Swift’s award win. But, did Kanye do Jay Leno a HUGE favor by agreeing to show up during the premiere of Jay’s brand new 10 PM show? Kanye stopped by Leno and publicly apologized for the VMA bouhaha. Which naturally makes me wonder, how would Leno’s kickoff have gone without this juicy bit of guest contrition?

Did you all watch Leno? And what did you think of Jay’s second night? (With Tom Cruise,  filmmaker Michael Moore, Cameron Diaz,  comedian Jim Norton… and still more comedy). Putting Jay on at 10 P M is considered a risky move….and his first night scored very well with viewers and about a zillion of them tuned in. So what I’m wondering is
did Kanye save Leno’s first night and if you caught it would you have watched it anyway…and what, in general, is you opinion of the new show. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll!

Did Kanye Save Leno’s first show?

a) Yes. That’s exactly why I caught Leno’s first night.

b) No. I would have watched Jay’s premiere anyway.

c) Don’t care.

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