Tonight: Divas! Divas! Divas!

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VH1 Divas!

VH1 Divas!

Now that the dust has settled on the Kanye West/Taylor Swift debacle (or has it??) let’s focus our attention on some more high-maintenance folk who are all taking the stage tonight. I’m talking about VH1’s very hotly-hyped & much anticipated “VH1 Divas!” show — airing this eve at 9 Eastern–  where several of today’s most luscious ladies (with some
of the best pipes around) take the stage. Hosted of course by Miss Paula Abdul, no stranger to adoration herself. Will you tune in? I probably will, if only out of curiosity. And here’s why. When I was growing up, the word “diva” meant one of those ladies who sang Puccini at the Metropolitan Opera. These were gals who could sing, belt &  hit all sorts of notes understood only by dogs in the neighborhood. These were singers, the likes of which no one had ever seen before. Then, as I got older, the word “diva” came to include any lady who was just the teensiest bit demanding — maybe even difficult. Still, they had the singing (and sometimes dancing and acting) chops to prove it. Point is,
I wonder if the term “diva” has gotten watered down to represent unusually young girls who may have extraordinary voices but who literally haven’t been on this earth long enough for us to find out. That is to say, I’m sure the gals of tonight’s VH1’s Divas show: Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks, Adele, Leona Lewis and Miley Cryus are stupendous performers with astonishing voices, but are they really divas? So today I am gping to ask your opinion on how tonight’s divas stack up vs. a few other “divas”. Voice your choice in today’s poll and let us know who, if any of the ladies, you’re exciting about hearing. And who yo think is a legitimate “diva”. Given the choice, will you tune in or will you wait for a few OTHER ladies who are more diva-esque?

Do tonight’s divas hold up to these ladies?

1)  Yes… I’m psyched for tonight! (Clarkson, Sparks, Adele, Lewis, Cyrus)

2)  Maybe, but I’d rather watch Aretha.

3) If you’re gonna showcase divas, you have to have Celine Dion.

4) Where are Beyonce and Taylor Swift in all of this?

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