Name Emmy’s Best Dressed…

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Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh

So yesterday in our daily poll I asked you to vote on the shows which took home trophies at Sunday’s 2009 Primetime Emmy Awards held in Los Angeles, California. And which of the Emmy-winning shows — 30 Rock, Mad Men & Amazing Race was your fave. But today, it’s time to get down to what the Emmy’s are REALLY all about  — and what gets so many of us tuning in — the clothes. It’s that simple. Who’s wearing what. Who looked elegant, fit, ready to shine…and who probably shouldn’t have ventured out in what they had on. So the 2009 Emmy ladies sported a variety of gowns and as usual, everyone is rushing to comment on their favorites. And now, it’s your turn. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of the 4 ladies listed below looked the most fabulous. We tried to take a random sampling here and offer up 4 dresses that everyone seems to be buzzing about — if you want to add an actress whom you feel should have been on today’s poll, by all means do so with your comments!

Which gal looked best?

1) Blake Lively

2) Kristen Chenoweth

3) Kate Walsh

4) Drew Barrymore

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