Madonna’s Greatest Hits Are Here

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Well it seems that Madonna (Material Girl/Queen of the dancefloor/ the multiple Grammy-winning /Rock and Roll Hall of  Famer/ best-selling female rock artist in HISTORY) has BIG news. Her new album, CELEBRATION is in stores this week. A groundbreaking Greatest Hits collection. Right now. The new CD which Entertainment Weekly is calling pure “Madge-estry” is here and it features 36 tracks from 25 years at the top of the music heap. And she adds two additional brand new tracks — one of them a duet with Lil Wayne. The other, a new song called “Celebration” is making its way up the charts fast. The other songs are well-known and likely ultra-beloved by millions (myself included) and now comes the hard part for you. Because I am selecting four  tracks and I’d  like you to pick which Madonna tune is your all-time favorite. I know there’ll be much disagreement and some readers will say “hey, why didn’t you include this song…” But that’s why I am curious…so I am just picking four  random Madonna tunes on this Celebration album, and then you get to weigh in. Let me know which one you like the most by voicing your choice in today’s featured poll. And while you’re at it,  are you planning on buying/downloading Celebration?

Which of Madonna’s songs is your favorite?

1) Vogue

2) Borderline

3) Ray of Light

4) Material Girl

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