Fall TV: Rate the New Shows

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It’s official. Fall is really and truly and officially upon us. The whole leaves & back to school thing has crept up. Before you know it we’ll all be shopping for holiday gifts and making negotiable New Years’ Resolutions. And TV is no exception. In the last few weeks the networks have unleashed a barrage of new fall shows of all shapes and sizes. There are comedies, dramas, reality shows…even a vampire-themed show (The Vampire Diaries — but hey. the CW isn’t stupid…who wouldn’t want to capitalize on Twilight’s rabid fanbase with a good old soapy drama. And this one’s got plenty of cute brooding guys, a troubled damsel and a superhunk of a baddie. I for one was a teensy bit intrigued by it.) So this was the week where lots of them premiered — or at least got moving — did catch any of the new crop? And if you did tune in, are any of them worth catching (or at least Tivo’ing) …and should some of them  be skipped? We want to keep today’s  poll limited to 4 new shows — and one from each network …if you have lots to say we can always ask you about others next week. But for now, take a peek and voice your choice in our featured poll: which was your favorite brand new TV show?

1) Flash Forward  (ABC)

2) The Good Wife (CBS)

3) Mercy (NBC)

4) Glee (Fox)

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