DWTS: Who Gets The Boot Tonite?

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Debi Mazar

Debi Mazar

Wow…lots of feedback from yesterday’s “most overrrated celeb poll”  — didn’t know you guys cared so much! Great to hear your opinions. You seem to find those Gosselins about as irritating as I do.  Now, let’s move to yet another reality TV phenomenon, ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. Monday’s show brought back the 13 remaining celebs and put them through their paces with the samba and the rumba. Neither is particularly easy, and now that they’ve said buh-bye to Kathy Ireland, it’s going to be another close one tonight for who gets the boot next. For one thing, the judges did hand out a few perfect tens AND there were injuries blamed for some of the less-than-stellar work Monday. So now what’ll happen on tonight’s show?  Well, it’ll certainly be exciting — made even more so by a special DWTS appearance from none other than the People’s Choice’s own Queen Latifah.

So now…are you still thinking (as many our voters have) that either Donny, or Kelly or Mya might have what it takes to go all the way here? Will you tune in? Onward to our poll…today we’d like to know just who you think’ll get the boot tonight. The consensus and poor Monday scores seem to be pointing to three celebs who should probably be on deck to exit stage right. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these three celeb hoofers will have to limp back to a day job…

Which DWTS Star Will Go Home Tonight?

1) Tom Delay

2) Michael Irvin

3) Debi Mazar

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