Does Scandal Sell? Ask A Late Night Host.

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David Letterman

David Letterman

Is late night TV in trouble? The alleged extortion plot that’s created a likely mess with his personal life has nevertheless sent David Letterman’s ratings  skyhigh. Does it take a scandal like this to get people to tune in? Or is it the fact that Dave is going public with the whole “Sorry” thing to his wife? Which makes me wonder — and this is where I’m going with today’s poll — just how much do we like/trust these late night guys. (And I’m not being sexist, Chelsea’s relatively new to the genre). So here goes…we’d like to know which of these princes of nocturnal viewing do YOU like best? For purposes of our poll I’m including Letterman here, and Conan, and even though he’s not really a late night guy anymore, Jay Leno (just because he’s a massive part of the culture). In the next few weeks I’d also like to get your feedback on Jimmy(s) Kimmel and Fallon, and Craig Ferguson …but for now let’s just look at the original big three.

Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these three late night TV hosts is your favorite?

1) David Letterman

2) Conan O’Brien

3) Jay Leno

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