Good News for Cougars, Vince Vaughn and Mad Men fans.

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Couples Retreat

Couples Retreat

If you’re a fan of Fall TV…as in some of the TV shows that bowed just a few weeks ago, we have good news. It’s good news if you like Cougar Town and Modern Family and Glee and the Cleveland Show. All of them did so well they’re getting picked up for more episodes. Not such good news if you’re a fan of the NBC drama Southland — which looked pretty good (or at least Ben McKenzie did). It’s getting cancelled…gone to that TV place where Mischa Barton’s The Beautiful Life went after two episodes.

Now let’s talk movies, in case you were headed to the cineplex.  In theatres this weekend: Couples Retreat, with Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau, Jason Bateman…you’ve seen the trailers with the undressing and the sharks, no? Looks pretty funny. Then there’s another movie — An Education — with Peter Sarsgaard and a young lady named Carey Mulligan who you’ll definitely be hearing about come Oscar time. No joke. It’s fabulous — set in London in the 1960s. If you like Mad Men at all (and who doesn’t?) you will love this movie. London, Paris, Oxford…the swinging scene, the clothes, the music…I saw it and it rocks. Now, you may also be interested in Chris Rock’s doc Good Hair, plus New Moon’s Michael Sheen is starring in an English film called The Damned United – all about English Football in the 1970s…lots to choose from. But what we want to know here is which of the films getting the most hype are you likely to check out this weekend? Voice your choice in today’s ‘ featured poll and let us know which of the following movies you’ll see first. (I’m including two of last week’s massive blockbusters too.)

What Movie Looks Good To You This Weekend?

1) Couples Retreat

2) An Education

3) Zombieland

4) Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs

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