AMA Noms: Part 2: Which Lady Do You Prefer?

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Wow …it’s good to see you guys have your minds made up regards a favorite male performer for the American Music Awards (coming November 22).

Now regardless of whether you selected  Michael Jackson, T.I. or Eminem,  in related news, the late Michael Jackson continues to do huge business across the boards — and around the world.   In fact, according to recent reports MJ’s  concert movie “This Is It” has  already booked more than 1,600 sold-out U.S. show times… plus several ticket outlets say he is their top movie seller of the week  (we’re going to talk about goodies like Where the Wild Things Are tomorrow). The King Of Pop is continuing his reign.

Now, back to the AMAs. And, as promised it’s time to consider the ladies …as in which gals nominated for best  female performer you think should take home the trophy. Remember, we’re just wondering here about the pop and rock category, so if you wanted to weigh in on Reba McIntire or Carrie Underwood, just sit tight and we’ll get to them in a few.  Now voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which lady’s your fave.

1) Beyonce

‘2) Lady Gaga

3) Taylor Swift

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