DWTS: Week 5/Who’s Out Tonight?

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Louie Vito on Dancing With The Stars

Louie Vito on Dancing With The Stars

It’s Tuesday which means Dancing With The Stars has quite an episode tonight. And now that folks like Tom DeLay are gone (who thinks he’s a star anyway?) we’re going to see some real moves from the remaining 10 couples. Those that weren’t however, sidelined with a bug like Derek Hough.  Not that it’s all about DWTS, mind you…in other news let’s not forget that American Idol Adam Lambert has announced that he’ll be calling his upcoming album “For Your Entertainment” which already has people buzzing (some psyched, some peeved — but honestly — and maybe I’m old fashioned —  when’s  the last time you based a record purchase on the thing’s title? Just saying.) Plus, a fond farewell to a composer named Vic Mizzy…he was 93. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of him, because I’m betting you may have at least a passing familiarity with two of his hits: pretty unforgettable themes for the Addams Family  and Green Acres.

But back to DWTS. So last nite, with Derek out sick and all,  we watched as  Donny and Kym had a terrific night, scoring a 29. Singer Mya had a 27, NFL star Michael Irvin brought in a 21, and Kelly Osborne scored a 24…just to name a few. Tonight, someone’s going to get sent packing. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know who YOU think is going to get the boot…

Will it be:

1) Michael Irvin

2) Melissa Joan Hart

3) Louie Vito

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