Weeds, Entourage, and Californication for all?

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Wow —  you all certainly had a lot so say about Harry Potter and other beloved childrens’ books gone Hollywood (I bring HP up because most of you preferred him to Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka — although he’s not without his own legion of fans). So while we’re on the topic of conversions, like our book to movies yesterday,  and a few weeks back we talked about TV to movie conversions (see Star Trek, Speed Racer, etc), let’s take it a step further. By the way — did you see that Sex and the City (which did so whoppingly well they’re making a sequel) has added Penelope Cruz, Miley Cyrus and Liza Minelli to the list of guest cameos for Sex and the City 2. How’s that for casting?

And so speaking of TV shows we really loved, let’s talk about TV some more. As in, let’s discuss Premium Cable versus regular old network TV. Because let’s face it, we watch premium cable when we want to see things that are maybe grittier, edgier, sexier, bad language-ier, etc. They just plain get to do stuff on HBO and Showtime that you really can’t on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. On the other hand,  less people get to see them because you have to pay that much more to watch them. That said, here’s today’s poll question for you.Let’s say you could take a few pay-cable TV shows and put them on network TV so everyone could see them. Which means they’d probably have to tone them down a  bit, but you get the idea. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which pay-cable show you’d most like to see aired on a regular network, if that were possible.

1) Weeds

2) Entourage

3) Hung

4) Californication

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