Who’s Your #1 “Comeback Actor”?

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Holy smokes — you all had a LOT to say about which pay cable shows you’d like to see on network TV. Didn’t know you cared that much! Plus, many of you pointed out that there were also OTHER, and in your minds, BETTER pay cable TV shows you’d be MUCH more interested in watching. So, next week I’m going to give you a brand new poll with the pay TV shows you voted on, plus some of the ones you wanted me to add. Stay tuned. By the way, did you vote for your People’s Choice Nominees yet? I just did. If you want to (and I’d encourage it as the January 6th live broadcast will be a lot more fun if everyone takes part)  just go ahead and do it here. In TV news, we have an obit — a fond farewell to the very funny Soupy Sales, who passed away last night at age 83. He was certainly a staple during my TV childhood.In movie news, we have a film called Amelia opening this weekend, starring Hilary Swank in what looks like Oscar bait. Then,  of course today also heralds the arrival of Saw VI, (although I sure stopped counting). Plus I will check out Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant ( I too, for better or worse, am comfortably ensconced on that vamp bandwagon. Already have my New Moon tix).  In other movie news, did you know that Pulp Fiction is now 15 years old? Do you remember where you were when it came out? Were you as stunned by it as I was (or were you still in swaddling clothes?) I’ll never forget leaving the theater feeling very unsettled. Although maybe that was the popcorn. But on to today’s poll, which, believe it or not, is Pulp Fiction-related. As in, this movie was noted for many, many things, among them it was considered an amazing COMEBACK film for John Travolta. It put him back on the map in a really, really big way. So let’s look at a few other actors who went a long time before their next big hit (and I’m including both film and TV here) Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which actor you’re most pleased to have come back in a big way…

1) Alec Baldwin

2) Mickey Rourke

3) Patrick Dempsey

4) Neil Patrick Harris

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