Your Favorite Movie Remakes?

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Well, good news for fans of three TV shows —  Mercy, Community, and the Amy Poehler starrer Parks & Recreation: it seems NBC is enough of a fan to order  a bunch more episodes of each so they’re now considered “successes” in the biz. At least for now. And in music news, British singer (and former frontman for The Smiths) Morrissey collapsed on stage during a concert in England, but is apparently doing okay now after a stint in the hospital. We wish him a speedy recovery.  In movie news, Hollywood officially has a new weekend champ, and it ain’t SAW VI. Which is weird because that movie series always makes tons of cash, no matter how horrifying or grotesque it may seem. The winner?  Paranormal Activity, hauling in another $20 million and its only just started playing at a theatre near you (its now got about $63 million in the bank). So not only was Saw unseated (actually, it never really got a chance to sit) from the box office throne, but it was also unseated by a very, very scary movie that has a) unbelievable word of mouth and b) was made for about $6 dollars. (Not really — but $15,000 is pocket change when it comes to making films). Did you see Paranormal Activity? Will you see it? Will it become this year’s go-to Halloween flick? And because there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be asking you to weigh in on your favorite scary movie later on this week, I got to thinking about scary movies in general, and realized that many of the super memorable ones, like Night of The Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre were actually remakes. Which got me wondering about which remakes YOU liked best. So here goes…I’ve selected 4 movies that each got a second chance, for better or worse. With this in mind, voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these remakes was your favorite. (And I’m not including horror movies here because we’ll get to them as Halloween nears).

1) Ocean’s 11

2) The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3

3) Herbie: Fully Loaded

4) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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