DWTS: wk6/Double Elimination! (who’s out?)

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Kelly Osbourne on Dancing With The StarsHappy Tuesday. So you all had LOTS to say about movie remakes (we’re going to talk horror remakes later as we get ready for Halloween) plus you had lots to say about comeback actors. Feel the same way about comeback actresses? We’ll see. But in newsy nuptials, Ivanka Trump (spawn of The Donald) wed Jared Kushner, newspaper exec over the weekend in what everyone is calling an extraordinarily lavish ceremony. That’s so odd for the Trumps. Then, Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss tied the knot with SNL star Fred Armisen over the weekend in what everyone is calling an extraordinarily private and low key ceremony.  Bravo all around. Ricky Gervais has been tapped to host the Golden Globes, which should make them funnier and possibly drink-ier (if you can believe it). But now let’s talk about what everyone wants to talk about on Tuesdays: Dancing Wih The Stars. And I have two words for you: DOUBLE ELIMINATION. That’s right. There are nine dancers left and TWO of them will go home tonight. just to recap, Mya scored 24 yesterday, Melissa Joan Hart had 20, Mark Decascos and Joanna had 26, Aaron Carter had 25, Michael Irvin and Kelly O each had 20 points, Donny had 24 and  Louie Vito had 21.  No matter how it all transpires tonite, there will be not one but two limousines ferrying home also-rans who just didn’t have the juice. So who’s going home? I’m listing four here so you have an even greater chance of getting at least one right! Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these hoofers is going to take a seat next.

Will it be:

1) Michael Irvin

2) Aaron Carter

3) Louie Vito

4) Kelly Osbourne

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