Carrie Underwood (plus Favorite Former Idols)

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Carrie Underwood Happy Monday! Happy Post-Halloween (and post-trick-or-treating-did-you-stop-the-kids-from-ingesting- every-bit-of-chocolatey-goodness within a ten-mile radius of your home?) Or, did you enjoy the requisite costume party for adults where you spend tons of time wondering if your  costume’s innovative and “fun” enough only to realize — a day later —  that it really didn’t matter so much because everyone had a great time anyway? Just so long as everyone remembered to set the clocks back. But let’s get to the entertainment stuff. As in,  Michael Jackson’s movie This Is It brought in over $101 million dollars worldwide this weekend…that’s quite a showing for the King of Pop…did you catch it? And  now begins our cinematic trek towards the holiday blockbusters…your New Moon, Invictus (from Clint Eastwood, starring Morgan Freeman & Matt Damon) Sherlock Holmes, Avatar, 2012 and other  films that’ll be probable moneymakers. Speaking of moneymakers, Carrie Underwood’s latest album Play On gets released tomorrow, and there are  LOTS of excited fans. This American Idol’s momentum has never really slowed, and Play On’s likely to keep her going for a while. Which got me wondering…and here comes today’s poll…which other former Idols are you most excited about? We’d love you to weigh in specifically on a few past Idol winners (as opposed to some of the insanely popular and wildly successful singers who didn’t win, but whose careers haven’t suffered one bit).  As we get ready for Carrie and Play On, I’d like to know which of these former winners you still like best. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which Idol, in your opinion, still has what it takes.

1) Kelly Clarkson

2) Ruben Studdard

3) Fantasia Barrino

4) Taylor Hicks

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