David Cook, Southland, DWTS: Who’s Out?

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Two words today: David Cook. With the arrival of Carrie Underwood’s CD Play On and yesterday’s poll about former Idols  you’re most psyched about, it seems lots of you are overwhelmingly keen on David Cook, who wasn’t one of the four choices. Next time, I promise! Plus we have Hollywood  baby news: first, actor Mel Gibson and his current GF Oksana Grigorieva, are the new parents of a daughter named Lucia (and baby makes 8 for papa Mel). Also, actress Mary Stuart Masterson had a baby boy with hub Jeremy Davidson. (If MSM’s name’s  not ringing a bell, think Fried Green Tomatoes and one of my personal favorites, Some Kind Of Wonderful). Congratulations. And some REALLY good news for all of you Southland fans — and there are plenty. TNT has rescued the drama which NBC cancelled a few weeks back. So rest assured, Ben McKenzie is still on the beat. Speaking of beats — it’s Tuesday and we know what that means. Time to check in on Dancing With The Stars to see who’s going home tonight in another double elimination round. Who’s left? Why is everyone getting sick? (And who thinks the “stars” should have been designing any of the dancers’ costumes??) So — remaining we have: Donny, Michael Irvin, Mark Dacascos, Mya, Aaron Carter, Kelly Osbourne, and Joanna Krupa. The musical guest tonight will be none other than Rod Stewart. But wait!  That’s not all we get, because there will also be a special appearance by the “Ballas Hough Band” (comprised of — you guessed it — Mark Ballas and Derek Hough). They’ll be performing their new single “Move”. We’ll see about that. But now,  for today’s featured poll:  how about you all voice your choice and let us know which “stars” are not going to make it ’til Wednesday?

1) Michael Irvin

2) Mark Dacascos

3) Kelly Osbourne

4) Aaron Carter

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