Singers Who Act…or Shouldn’t They?

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It’s Wednesday. Halfway there. In TV news, you all were right, if how you voted yesterday was any indication of how Dancing With the Stars would turn out after another double elimination round. Appealing as they were, we had to say buh-bye to Michael Irvin and Mark Dacascos. But far more enlightening for many of us was the performance of the Ballas Hough Band, comprised of dancers Mark Ballas and Derek Hough, Did you see it? Should dancers be allowed to sing? This notion of crossovers is of course where we’re headed with today’s poll, but we’ll  get to that in a minute. First up, some big award show news — it seems Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin have both been tapped to host the Oscars…how do you feel about that? We will of course be asking you more pointed questions about your favorite Oscar hosts in the coming weeks. But for now it’s something to consider, and it’s probably a pairing, regardless of its success in terms of ratings,  that will make more than a few of us laugh out loud. A  lot. In other TV news, many of you were very, very pleased to learn that TNT has rescued Southland, but how do you feel about NBC’s decision not to keep going with Trauma, another brand new medical show  barely on its feet before it got the axe? Now let’s get back to today’s business at hand, which is crossover talent. Because the appearance of the Ballas Hough Band made me wonder where genuine talent ends,  and where skill — and vanity —  begins. Although to be fair, there are a number of actors who have taken to song when we didn’t know they could, with excellent results. Meryl Streep can absolutely sing. Kevin Kline can entertain us with song and dance. Mandy Moore does everything. Hugh Jackman too.  Billy Ray Cyrus had a series, and then some. Christopher Walken can totally dance. Patrick Swayze had real pipes. And so on. So now, while we’re on the subject of crossover talent, let’s go the other way and see which singers you think should act more. Herewith,  four singer performers who have appeared in movies and TV. Of them, please voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which  of these singers who decided to act is your fave.

1) Madonna

2) LL Cool J

3) Bon Jovi

4) Queen Latifah

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