Carrey, Clooney, Taylor and 2010 PCA Nominees

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Happy Monday. So it’s official…the People’s Choice Awards race is about to begin — our PCA Nominations Press Conference is tomorrow morning, right here in Los Angeles. And, to lend a hand with the hoopla we’ve enlisted the help of some very special guests to announce the 2010 nominees, including Kris Allen, Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara, Jeff Probst, and Cat Deeley. Over the past few weeks about a zillion people weighed in, and you’re about to find out which stars are now in the final running to take home trophies. (Don’t forget, these folks are in the race for one of the brand new Waterford trophies you also voted on). Plus, yours truly will be tweeting live from the press conference …so you’ll get the scoop right when it happens.

So back to the Monday stuff. In movie news, (as we predicted)  Jim Carrey’s latest, A Christmas Carol got off to a strong start this past weekend as box office champ with an estimated $31 million dollar haul. A Christmas Carol is also expected  to do nicely right on thru Christmas itself.  (Then, keep an eye out for a few more end-of-the-year films expected to hit major box office pay-dirt,  like The Twilight Saga: New Moon and Avatar). The Michael Jackson film This Is It also made more money in theaters this past weekend — great buzz on that one —  and George Clooney’s new film did pretty well too.  In TV news: did anyone happen to catch Taylor Swift hosting Saturday Night Live? Expectations were high for Taylor, especially after all that Kanye West nonsense from the MTV Awards.  Turns out?  The girl is an unquestionable talent, but I must say I didn’t know how funny she is, too.  This of course got me thinking about other SNL guest hosts, and it occurred to me that maybe you all would have something to say about a few of them. So how about you voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which recent SNL host — besides Taylor — was your favorite.

1) Ryan Reynolds

2) Gerard Butler

3) Megan Fox

4) Drew Barrymore

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