Idol releases, Hollywood Twi-mania and DWTS!

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If you’re an American Idol fan, ’tis the season because this past year’s  finalists ALL have major  albums coming out.The big one, of course, is this week’s release from Idol Kris Allen —  most recently one of the stars who announced Peoples Choice Nominees. Then don’t forget Adam Lambert delivers his disc “For Your Entertainment” on the 23rd of this month, and December 1st we ‘ll get the latest from Allison Iraheta followed about a month later with Danny Gokey’s solo record. In movie news, today Hollywood was all abuzz with the Twilight Saga: New Moon premiere…Twihards from all over  literally camped out for days just to get a glimpse of their favorite vampires, werewolves and heroines (and the people who love them). If you weren’t there for the fandemonium,  New Moon hits theatres for the rest of us on Friday. Thanks for all the feedback on your favorite Sandra Bullock movies…as we get nearer to PCA Day on January 6th will be talking more about what you like best from the other noms, so stay tuned. And speaking of staying tuned, it is after all Tuesday and this means another look at who’s left on Dancing With The Stars. Last week most of you correctly predicted that Aaron Carter would go home, and again, as the field thins the plot thickens. So now, lets take a look at tonight’s elimination round. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which one of these couples will get sent home tonight.

1) Donny & Kym

2) Joanna & Derek

3) Kelly & Louis

4) Mya & Dmitry

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