New Moon, AMA’s & Favorite Football Films?

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Hope you had a great weekend. According to projected numbers ‘tweens and Twi-Moms (and the gracious men who accompanied them) have about 140 million reasons to be happy this weekend, on account of the spectacular box office showing  of New Moon (full disclosure: I saw it too and had a blast). So the second movie in the Twilight Saga triumphed which should come as no surprise, followed by The Blind Side, which brought in a very respectable $34 million dollars.(Sandra Bullock’s certainly having an excellent year).  Did anyone catch the American Music Awards? Does anyone not think it’s pretty much Taylor Swift’s year? She took home 5 prizes and the late, great Michael Jackson took home 4 awards himself. Also, everyone thinks Saturday Night Live is on a major upswing — did you catch Joseph Gordon Levitt and Al Gore? Pretty great stuff…check it out on YouTube if you missed. Now, let’s get to today’s poll. We got tons of feedback from Friday’s New Moon poll, and any number of you seemed more than delighted by the prospect of a meal with one of its stars. Now this week is Thanksgiving, a holiday that seems to me to be all about travel (and the many ways it can be delayed) plus food, plus more food, plus football. And since The Blind Side did so nicely at the box office, I got to wondering about other football movies…as in which ones were the best. Thus, I selected what I think are 4 popular — and maybe even “beloved”  — movies to consider, and hope you’ll voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these football flicks is your favorite.

1) Friday Night Lights

2) Rudy

3) Jerry Maguire

4) Remember The Titans

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