Jon & Kate plus Adam, DWTS Finale!

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It’s Tuesday…and before we get to our final DWTS poll, let’s discuss some other newsy odds & ends. As in, buh-bye Jon & Kate plus 8 …how do you feel about the final episode of TLC’s hit show that drew zillions of fans, prompting everything from obsession and adoration to rage and ridicule from most of them? Both Jon and Kate spoke separately and used words like “bittersweet”,  blaming “youth” for the mishaps. They say the kids too are “already missing” the show. (If you ask me, glad they quit when they did as  those kids need all the time they can get to invest — and invest wisely  — because something’s going to have to cover what I’m betting will be whopping therapy bills). Moving on, you know that Taylor Swift cleaned up at the AMA’s…and that Rihanna and Lady GaGa  sparkled as well. But there was someone else who may have done a little too much em, “R-rated” sparkling , and I am of course referring to bad boy Adam Lambert whose showstopping performance is being called “too raunchy” and “sexually risque”. Did you see it? Do you agree? It does look a little racy, although I don’t think we’ve seen the last of this boy’s tricks. And with a very popular brand new album in stores now, he’s seems almost unstoppable. Speaking of unstoppable, the big question today — it is Tuesday, after all — is just who will be stopped on tonight’s DWTS finale? Who will take that mirror ball home to rest for 2009? Voice your choice in today’s featured poll!

1) Donny

2) Mya

3) Kelly

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