Donny Takes It…and Your Fave Cable Shows

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So Donny took it — mirror ball and all! He’s the Dancing With The Stars champ and was said to be “numb”, while Mya, about whom they said the trophy “was hers to lose” on account of her “astonishing dance scores” was reportedly “disappointed”.  Well bravo,  Donny, and my guess is Mya — especially given her stellar work on the dance floor this year — will have many happy days (and performances to come).  Same with Kelly O., who still has the vote (and adoration) of millions.  Now…let’s move into some holiday fare.  With Thanksgiving upon us, everyone’s probably going to be spending lots of time at the table or in front of the TV.  And so now let’s take a trip over to the basic cable realm, where fans of USA’s Burn Notice have good reason to be delighted — the show, starring Jeffrey Donovan and Gabrielle Anwar, has  been picked up for a fourth season.  Which got me thinking about basic cable in general, and how much good stuff is seemingly right under our noses.  And while we spend a great deal of time talking about the premium cable shows like Weeds, Dexter, Nurse Jackie, Entourage, Big Love, Californication etc…today I’d love to know where you all weigh in on some of  basic cable’s original series. Now since there are several of them that people love, I’m just going to throw out a few shows to see how everyone feels about that netherworld between networks and cable. You’ll notice I’m leaving out Breaking Bad, Monk White Collar and others — but that’s just because we’ll be talking about them next week.  So here goes…voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these cable original series is your favorite? (and while you’re at it, have a fantastic Thanksgiving!)

1) Mad Men

2) Burn Notice

3) Damages

4) The Closer

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