Ben Stiller’s Big Day

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Happy Monday! Hope you had a great holiday weekend …perhaps you ate, relaxed, hung out with family, ate again, watched other people play sports, ate some more, caught a movie, and then finally ate again…as I did. If you’re one of the people who saw New Moon, you made its producers very, very happy. It triumphed at the box office to the surprise of no one, and now has $230 million in the bank. What is surprising is just how phenomenally well The Blind Side did this weekend; the inspiring (and evidently true) football film’s now got over $100 million to its name. Looks like star Sandra Bullock’s going to enjoy her holidays.  Plus, all of you had lots to say about the cable shows — not premium cable, just medium cable — that you liked best on our blog last week …and Burn Notice sure has some passionate fans. Later on this week I’m going to ask you abut a few more cable shows, just to see where you weigh in. Now for the record, this is not a gossip blog so we will not discuss the alleged Reese Witherspoon/Jake Gyllenhaal split — but we will certainly mention it and wonder if it is simply gossip in the first place. In other Hollywood news, Tom Arnold got married for the fourth time in Hawaii.  And finally, we have a big birthday to announce in Tinseltown: Ben Stiller is 44 years old today. With this in mind, I thought it might be fun to see which of his movies you like best. After all, the guy has had a very successful career and has proven that he can cut across generational and gender boundaries. Everyone seems to like him. Is it because he can laugh at himself? Is it because nobody can do an indignant, misunderstood geek like Ben? Not quite sure…so here goes with a few films for your opinions. Now voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these Ben Stiller movies is your favorite:

1) Meet The Parents

2) There’s Something About Mary

3) Tropic Thunder

4) Night At The Museum

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