Tom & Gisele & our Most Fascinating People Poll

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Happy Thursday. So right off the bat…how about Barbara Walters’ announcement about the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009?  It turns out, top of the list? First Lady Michelle Obama (who seems like a pretty classy lady to me). But also in the Fascinating Hemisphere as deemed by Ms. Walters: Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert & Kate Gosselin. Let’s hear it for the entertainers. I always think words like “most fascinating” in year-end lists go to the less showy folks who designed computers or peacefully separated warring nations. Not so this year. In Barbara’s mind at least. Plus, with the Lady Gaga and the Adam Lambert stuff, she seems to be saying it’s cool to be out there and maybe even on the edge. (Or else those guys have really excellent publicists).Also among the most fascinating were politicos and sports figures…but they’re not nearly as fascinating to me as Adam and Lady G. Although there is one sports figure we will mention today: how about the news that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bundchen welcomed a baby boy on Tuesday? Everybody’s fine, and Mr. and Mrs. Brady apparently couldn’t be happier. So congratulations to the cute athlete who has everything (including a two-year-old son with another beautiful lady) and his supermodel bride. And yesterday in the poll I asked which K.Stew pic was your favorite and boy,  did you all have a lot to say…thanks for the feedback; it looks like these are stars you really care about. Speaking of polls, let’s have one now. As in…I would like you to imagine having lunch one-on-one with one of Barbara Walters’ Most Fascinating People. Let’s take the four we talked about in today’s Buzz Blog ..and you tell me — by voicing your choice in today’s featured poll — with which one of these four fascinating people would you like to have a long, private, chatty, one-on-one lunch?

1) Michelle Obama

2) Adam Lambert

3) Lady Gaga

4) Kate Gosselin

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