Awards & Who’s The Queen of Romantic Comedies?

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It’s Thursday…you’re almost there. And did we mention that it’s less than three weeks til the PCAs? Did you vote on the final new TV show category? We told you yesterday about the Golden Globes — frequently a predictor of the Oscars, but sometimes they don’t totally mesh…although they did nominate brand new new TV shows (like Glee and Modern Family) which wasn’t even  an option for them  last year. So  now on to some Globes nominees: Best TV Dramas  are  1) Big Love, 2) Dexter 3) House 3) Mad Men 5) True Blood. And now let’s go to the Best Actress category  — and as you know the Globes split everyone up into “Drama” or “Musical or Comedy” —  (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). Now, let’s take a look at the ladies here in the more  lighthearted category. The nominees are: Sandra Bullock for The Proposal, Marion Cotillard for Nine, Julia Roberts for Duplicity, and finally Meryl Streep for both It’s  Complicated and Julie & Julia. So I’m noting these nominees, having seen some (but not all)  of the films — and along comes an article from CNN that calls  Meryl Streep the “Reigning Queen” of  romantic comedies. Which got me thinking…and thus  a poll is coming soon…because I love Meryl as much as the next girl. Does she do anything wrong? Still,  when I read the article and got to thinking about who, really, owns romantic comedies nowadays, I wasn’t entirely sure it  was Meryl (I wasn’t entirely sure it wasn’t,  either). With this in mind,  voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these “Queens of the Romantic Comedy” is your favorite. Is it:

1) Meryl Streep

2) Meg Ryan

3) Sandra Bullock

4) Julia Roberts

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