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Happy kickoff to the last weekend before Christmas.  Did you finish your shopping?  Or, are you, like an awful lot of people I know (and perhaps I include myself here) just beginning to make that list before checking it twice?  Fortunately, shopping opportunities abound AND you can STILL cast your vote for the People’s Choice Awards’ Best New TV Comedy and Best New TV Drama.  Now if it’s movies you’re in the mood for this weekend, look no further because several big ones are in theatres today, some of which have already claimed their share of Golden Globe nominations.  We have the musical Nine starring Daniel Day-Lewis as a famous Italian director who cannot seem to keep the various hot and frequently demanding women in his life apart.  The women include everyone from Marion Cotillard to Sophia Loren to Penelope Cruz & Fergie.  (What a mess he’s gotten himself into).  Then we have Jeff Bridges giving the performance of his life as a washed-up country music artist in the  film Crazy Heart, which will almost certainly garner its star an Academy Award nomination.  Perhaps you’ll check out Emily Blunt in The Young Victoria (that’s a period piece with lots of Oscar buzz for the young Miss Blunt, who is scheduled to become Mrs. John Krasinski in real life).  Maybe you’ll catch Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant in Did You Hear About The Morgans?, about an estranged couple forced to enter the witness protection program — together.  Or, maybe you’ll go and see what’s  turning out to be the most expensive movie ever made, and the one which may very well make more money than any before it.  Ever. This would be James Cameron’s latest,  Avatar, which has been 10 years in the making.  It’s about a soldier who travels to another planet in order to mine precious life-giving ore, only to fall in love.  Featuring the most sophisticated computer special effects of all time.  Will you see it?  I am curious, and given James Cameron’s reputation, it’s likely to be pretty epic.  Which naturally got me wondering about other James Cameron films, and of course therein a poll was born. So why not voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which James Cameron film is your favorite?

1) The Terminator

2) Aliens

3) Titanic

4) Terminator 2: Judgment Day

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