Best of: Twilight, Harry, Pirates or LOTR?

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It’s Tuesday…the People’s Choice Awards are getting nearer…and if I hadn’t already planned today’s poll, I would put Meryl Streep right back up there with the movies you all wanted me to include like Mama Mia. But we’ll get to Meryl’s other films in a few weeks. (Although Bridges of Madison County? Really?) As ever, thanks for your feedback. In other Hollywood news, supermodel turned chat diva Tyra Banks — 5 seasons and 2 Daytime Emmy’s later — is calling it quits. Next spring she’ll end her signature talk show, and according to Tyra herself,  “My next huge step allows me to reach more women and young girls to help us all feel as fierce as we truly are”. Not exactly sure what Ms. Banks is  planning next, but given her track record we’re sure it’ll be something interesting. Now while we typically avoid the Jon & Kate saga, and steer super-clear of their post-marital dating habits,  I do nevertheless have to wonder — did somebody ransack Jon’s apartment or was it a publicity stunt (because if it was a publicity stunt, do you suppose Jon did it himself or when it’s a “stunt”  do  PR people actually do the ransacking??) I know. Who cares. Enough of that. Nor are we going to touch Charlie Sheen’s latest mess. That said, let’s get to some of our end of the year stuff and find out once and for all what you really think of the Big Blockbuster Movie Franchises. So now, without further ado, voice your choice in today’s end -of-the-year featured poll and let us know which of these major movie series is your favorite:

1) Pirates of the Caribbean

2) Harry Potter

3) The Twilight Saga

4) Lord of the Rings

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