Best of: Your Fave Music Phenoms of 2009?

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It’s Wednesday…midweek of the holiday week where you’re either a) in the workplace and not paying too much attention b) learning to snowboard with kids who make it look far less treacherous than it is or c) in the workplace doing something diligently, wishing you had the kind of job where you didn’t have to pay too much attention during this weird holiday week. Well,  the good news is that it’s almost over  — and New Years’ is almost here. So sit tight and wait for it because you’re about to relax, if you aren’t already doing so. We got tons of feedback from yesterday’s poll (thank you) and I now know just how you feel about the various big movie multi-part sagas that pull at our collective heartstrings. (And I think Daniel Radcliffe will be happy too). In entertainment news (and you’ll see by the looks of it that it’s a slow week in Tinseltown, too)  Taylor Swift and Twilight/ New Moon’s resident hunky werewolf have “split up”. I wonder now, what is it that should make us believe that they were actually together in the first place? It all seemed too easy with the impossibly cute matching names and all. Sounds like somebody’s PR dream to me. In other we-don’t-need -to-hear-about-it news, Denise Richards is threatening to “tell all” about Charlie Sheen which seems particularly, er,  well-timed. But back to the week…and back to the whole “Best Of” thing because you know the People’s Choice Awards are getting closer (we’ll all be there –live —  so tune in) and in the spirit of celebrating the just plain amazing people who have touched us this past year, let’s continue in our “Best of” poll series. Yesterday was about movies, let’s now focus our attention on the vocal performances…not in any particular categories (which may make it a little harder for you) but here, voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us who’s your favorite “Musical Phenomenon” of 2009?

1) Lady Gaga

2) Adam Lambert

3) Susan Boyle

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