New Year’s — Who’s Your Favorite Guy?

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Happy New Year’s Eve! Got plans? Are you planning to usher it all in in style, or are you just planning to maybe sleep late tomorrow? Either way, enjoy and be safe. And here’s to a smashing 2010. Know who else is getting ready for 2010? Saturday Night Live. They’ve already announced their first two hosts and they’re doozies: how about kicking off  2010  with NBA star Charles Barkley &  musical guest Alicia Keys,  and with Avatar’s Sigourney Weaver&  the Ting Tings sing singing along. Not too shabby. And holy smokes you all had a lot to say about Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga in yesterday’s poll …some wondered why I hadn’t included Taylor Swift as she’s had such a phenomenal year (nor does anyone dispute that) — but that might have made our poll just a tad too predictable, no? As always, thanks for your feedback. In other news, we are not going to talk about Charlie Sheen heading back to work after all that dramarama. In the good news department (or at least news that’s a far cry from icky & tawdry marital strife headlines) Peter Jackson, the man who brought us LOTR and The Lovely Bones has been made a knight. So congratulations, (Sir) Peter. And did we mention that the People’s Choice Awards are less than a week away? It’s going to be quite an evening, with some spectacular guests on hand, so get ready to be entertained (and yours truly will be blogging live from the Awards again, so there’s that). But for now, and for the purposes of today’s poll, let’s focus on New Year’s Eve. Love it or hate it, it’s one of those traditions that’s loaded with meaning and promise (or at least parties and champagne). And when we think of New Year’s, certainly a few traditions– some recent, others quite longstanding —  invariably come to mind. With that, voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these three people truly embodies the spirit of New Year’s for you…

1) Guy Lombardo

2) Dick Clark

3) Ryan Seacrest

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