Happy “Billion” & What’s Queen Latifah’s Best Movie?

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Happy New Year … the holidays are behind us and you probably know someone who’s  less than psyched about going back to work. So, for kicks, whether you’re at home or at work, please consider  something that I’m having trouble getting my (admittedly small) brain around. And that concept is the idea of “one billion”. A billion. Doesn’t that sound like a pretty otherworldly number? Or at least the kind of thing where, if you had a billion say, in your pocket, it’d be kind of easy  to eliminate some small country’s debt, or build a pretty nice rocket ship, or take care of all your Christmas shopping — for the rest of your life? Seems like a crazy number, and yet a billion dollars is exactly what the movie AVATAR now has in the bank if you count all the cash it’s made around the world. A billion dollars. Nice work, James Cameron (I seem to recall Titanic did better than average, too). So Sigourney Weaver, Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington and those blue cats have some real celebrating to do. Probably fair to say those guys are off to a pretty good start in the New Year’s dept. Speaking of New Year — know what happens the day after tomorrow? That’s right. The People’s Choice Awards. Where you all get genuinely listened to, and where your opinions are respected & counted & considered and where you – as voters– actually call the shots. Who else does this?? Where else can you have a say in which Hollywood star/singing sensation/talkshow host/love triangle/ rock band/TV show gets a trophy? Speaking of your opinions, boy was everyone all up in arms about what I had innocently called your “fave Musical Phenom of 2009” — and POW! you had some VERY serious thoughts  about Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga ( apparently Susan Boyle was unable to capture the lion’s share of your devotion). Thanks for your feedback. And don’t forget to keep your computers on during Wednesday’s broadcast because I’ll be blogging live so you can comment throughout the ceremony. It’s going to be one heck of a fabulous party, that much I can tell you. Of course how could it not, when the whole thing is hosted by the Queen herself? Which brings me to today’s poll. Queen Latifah’s done it all…she sings, she acts, she hosts cool awards shows – she even dances. With this in mind why not voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of the Queen’s  movies is your favorite?

a) Hairspray

b) Last Holiday

c) Chicago

d) Beauty Shop

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