Best Of: Pick Your Favorite “Other” Awards Show…

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Tomorrow’s the DAY!  This year’s People’s Choice Awards will be bigger and better than ever, so check us out live tomorrow on CBS.  Plus, the lineup already looks pretty awesome.  Just for starters, we have of course Queen Latifah running the show (and yes, yes, you were right…I should have included Bringing Down the House in her movie poll — next time, I promise!)  So we have the Queen herself, and then how about a few Twilight/New Moon hunks? Along the lines of, say, Taylor Lautner and Kellan Lutz. They’re in. Not bad. Or perhaps you’re wondering what Ryan Reynolds, Carrie Underwood and Mary J. Blige are up to tomorrow? Turns out, they’ll be at the Nokia Theater too. Cobra Starship as well. And one more thing…these are the folks we KNOW will be there…I have it on pretty good authority that we can expect a few unbelievable surprise guests as well — and all I can say is you won’t be disappointed. I’ll be blogging live from the show, so you guys will get a complete play-by-play. I’ve decided I need to catch a glimpse of Carrie Underwood’s new diamond. Up close. Speaking of diamonds, Vince Vaughn got married this past weekend to real estate agent Kyla Weber in Chicago (sorry, ladies). Guess there’ll be no more swinging for that heartbreaking wedding crasher. Congrats, Vince. But let’s talk about tomorrow. As in, who else brings you the stars you actually want to see, and then gives them the awards you want them to get? Who else lets you guys pick the top dogs? I can’t think of another awards show that does just that. Although, to be fair, there are certainly some other fun ones out there. For years, there are the trusty other awards shows we’ve all watched, loved, hated, laughed at, cried along with, been shocked by, wanted to turn off, wished better & more deserving folks had been honored at, etc, and yet we still tune in because in the end, who doesn’t love entertainment? So now, with this in mind, voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which one of these OTHER awards shows is your favorite?

1) Grammys

2) Oscars

3) Emmys

4) MTV Movie Awards

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