No Leno? Best Dressed: Your Fave PCA Red Carpet Looks

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Happy Monday. Hope you all enjoyed your weekends. And just maybe, between a) providing wonderful feedback for us on last week’s Awards Show (guess it’s official: you really, really, really like Mr. Depp, Mr. Laurie, Ms. Bullock and Ms. Swift) b) letting us know who should (and shoudn’t) have worn WHAT on the Red Carpet and c) making sure Avatar was the #1 movie in America for the 4th straight week in a row, you got to relax. Speaking of Avatar, those darn blue cats seem to have far more than nine lives because that film may go on to become the biggest grossing movie ever. Now, we cannot say the same for Jay Leno’s “experimental” new primetime show which has now — according to NBC — been canceled. Are we bummed? Possibly. Surprised? Not at all. All we know is that Jay is less than pleased, no clue about what’s going to happen to Conan (who continues to be very likeable), and poor Jimmy Fallon may get pushed into some kind of weird Twilight Zone time slot. In wedding news, Canadian crooner Michael Buble is engaged (if his name’s not ringing a bell, just imagine if one of Sinatra’s Rat Pack were cast on The Vampire Diaries or Gossip Girl and that oughtta give you a visual) Congrats, MB. And we also have reports that Josh Duhamel and Fergie just “renewed” their wedding vows after one year (and a little infidelity buzz). All I’m wondering is: a) Did they not get the words right the first time and b) Does this have anything to do with Josh’s new movie coming out? Hm.Anyway, let’s get back to the Awards. We all know that half the fun is what they’re wearing so, why don’t you all weigh in on some of the ladies’ frocks (later on in the week we’ll be discussing some of the gents’ fashions). So for now, voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these ladies’  outfits was your favorite?

1) Carrie Underwood

2) Taylor Swift

3) Kate Walsh

4) Diane Kruger

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