Simon & Tobey Gone, Best Dressed PCA Guys

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It’s Tuesday…so let’s start off with the big stories. Simon Cowell is bidding farewell to  American Idol.  He, with the razor wit and apparent inability to purchase a collared shirt to wear on national TV, is officially saying  buh-bye so he can  introduce the UK show “X Factor” stateside.  Apparently both shows have huge similarities so, depending upon how the execs play it, this could be a) the end of an era, b) the beginning of  very fruitful rivalry, or c) the best thing that ever happened to Paula Abdul.  More on that later.  In the romance department, Pussycat Doll (and People’s Choice Awards dynamo performer alongside  Cobra Starship) Nicole Scherzinger has split from her beau, a Formula One race car driver. (Aren’t they all?) Their reps say “they have decided to go their separate ways” in order to “focus fully on their careers ” but they’ll “remain close friends.” Naturally. Well, if Nicole’s performance at the PCA’s was any indication of her general appeal (and the insane clamor she generated from her legion of fans), here’s doubting she’ll  be single for long.  Regardless of her “focus”.  In movie news, the forthcoming Spiderman 4’s caught in a nasty web of  drama.  As in, director Sam Raimi?  Gone.  Star Tobey Maguire? Gone.  Today, at least.  We’ll keep you posted on that hot mess.  Now, we still need to talk about the Awards last week, specifically, whether The People liked what their Chosen Faves wore.  See, yesterday’s comments about the gals’ dresses got me wondering about where you’d weigh in on the gents. Seems we spend lots of time on the frocks but not quite so much on the fellas trying their darnedest to look cute.  Or at least dark and edgy.  With this in mind voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know: In your opinion which of these guys looked the best at the People’s Choice Awards 2010?

1) Hugh Jackman

2) Ashton Kutcher

3) Kellan Lutz

4) Johnny Depp

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