Highe$t Earning Hollywood Couples!

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Friday’s here…and so is your long-awaited, much-needed 3-day weekend. The big news in late night TV is that apparently Jay is in, Conan’s out. Do you think that works/ seems fair? Or are you as convinced as I am that we haven’t heard the end of this? (And is your general tolerance for this type of multizillion dollar drama on the wane?) Right. Let’s talk about something else. This Sunday (because they know you can stay up) is the Golden Globes, which will be broadcast on NBC (which gives them an opportunity to do something right this week). Lots of people think it will be a good night for George Clooney. Who has, by the way, stepped up into the Brad Pitt /Angelina Jolie Pantheon of Big Time Giving and decided to host a star-studded telethon to provide relief for the crisis in Haiti. Nice. So he’ll be everywhere, doing good things and of course, exuding charm. We wish the fantastic Mr. Fox the best of luck Sunday. Now is it just me or do you remember a time when the Globes were not such a big deal? And I’m also wondering: who was the genius who actually said “I know, let’s start the cameras rolling the second famous people in expensive clothes actually arrive!” There have always been red carpets, but what visionary invented that critical red carpet televised moment? The one that put lotsa clothing designers on the map? Speaking of famous people in fancy clothing, Forbes has published its list of the highest-earning celebrity couples. And the results may surprise you. And even if they don’t,  I’m hoping you’ll still tell us your fave in today’s poll.  So here: Forbes’ List. Top Earning Couple #10: Chris Martin & Gwyneth Paltrow, #9: Tom & Katie ($35.5 mil), #8: Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy, #7 : Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson, #6: Ellen & Portia ($36 mil), #5: Mr. and Mrs. Beckham ($46 mil). And now, the top 4 highest earning couples in today’s featured poll. Why not voice your choice and tell us which of these powerpairs  you love the most?

1) Jay Z & Beyonce ($122 mil)

2) Harrison & Calista  ($69 mil)

3) Brad & Angelina ($55 mil)

4) Will & Jada ($48 mil)

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