2010 Golden Globes: Big Surprises

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Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day…here’s hoping you don’t have to work or if you do, you don’t have to work particularly hard or long today.And while we’re at it, we need to wish Kevin Costner a happy birthday. Who watched the Golden Globe Awards last night? Who thought Ricky Gervais was again a  breath of fresh air? Now we know that this is the awards show where they all sit around in the ballroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel and get absolutely pixilated …it’s the fun, laid-back one that’s loaded with goofs and everyone appears to be having a wonderful time. The Globes’ Best Picture award for a drama went to Avatar, which continues to make money hand over fist (latest box office report says just over $490 million in the US alone). The Best Director award went to Avatar’s James Cameron. Yet, the broadcast was considered a night of upsets, as several of the big acting categories for both film and TV  didn’t bestow the trophy upon the favorites. (Although there were a few slam dunks:  Alec Baldwin won for 30 Rock, but he’s one of the “not surprising” winners). For example — Best Movie (comedy or drama) went to The Hangover, which was considered a big (& sort of fun)  surprise. Julianna Margulies took home the Best Actress in the TV Drama category, beating out veteran heavy hitters Glenn Close & Kyra Sedgwick. Similarly, Sandra Bullock won big (maybe the Golden Globes folks are listening to the People’s Choice Awards!) though Christoph Waltz surprised absolutely no one by taking home the Best Supporting Actor in a Drama for Inglourious Basterds. And even though Up In The Air won its screenplay category, many viewers (myself included) felt that despite Jeff Bridges’ astonishing performance in Crazy Heart, Clooney would take the night away. Surprisingly, Bridges won. So it was indeed an evening of the unexpected, and what a fun night it was. With this in mind, voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of these “surprise Golden Globe winners” is your favorite:

1) Sandra Bullock

2) Robert Downey Jr.

3) The Hangover

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