$40 Million & A Few Great Legal Flicks

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Happy Wednesday. Well, in late night news, it turns out that regardless of personal infighting, splashy headlines and maybe some bruised egos,  NBC’s only going to have about 40 million reasons to regret letting Conan O’Brien go. Reportedly, that’s what they’ll have to pay the big funny guy to leave the Tonight Show so the older (and possibly grumpier) funny guy can unretire. The technical term for Conan’s paycheck is an “exit agreement” and I can think of an awful lot of folks who would have no trouble being shown the door this way. In movie news:  Happy Birthday David Lynch! The man who got everyone thinking and scratching their heads simultaneously with the cult classic Eraserhead before bringing us Blue Velvet, Dune & The Elephant Man — just to name a few —  is 64 today. Plus Mr. Lynch also brought one of the cooler, creepier, cultier programs to TV: Twin Peaks. Quite a body of work for a nice guy from Montana who doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down. Now, speaking of TV (have you been catching American Idol? More on that next week…) we have a few cool shows out on DVD this week worth mentioning. First, a series called Defying Gravity  (with attractive people — think Grey’s Anatomy set in space) starring Ron Livingston. Then we have season 5 of Weeds (you know the drill, Showtime’s edgy series about illicit drugs with a crack cast spearheaded by Mary Louise Parker and Justin Kirk). And finally, an award-winning show that’s got unbelievable word of mouth — Damages — about ruthless lawyers who will stop at nothing to prevail in a tricky, nasty, multimillion dollar lawsuit. The first season stars Glenn Close, Rose Byrne and Ted Danson. If you haven’t checked out this series, I can tell you it’s totally worth a look. And speaking of legal dramas, we often talk about legal shows, but now let’s focus our attention on a few legal movies and see where you weigh in. So voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these courtroom flicks you liked most:

1) Erin Brockovich

2) Presumed Innocent

3) My Cousin Vinny

4) A Few Good Men

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